Cycling Road Ride

Jun 24, 2014 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Meet at Main Street Bicycles-125 N Main Street Lakeport for avery fast paced competitive group ride.  Some call it a race, others call it the most painful 2 + hours of their lives!  Riders unable to keep pace will be left for dead (left behind, dropped ).  Regroups may occur at the halfway point following first sprint finish.  Route is Lakeport to Blue Lakes and back. Mileage around 30 miles. Average speed 22-28 with peaks of over 30mph.  Not for the faint of heart and definately not for newbies or beginners there is a ride for you on Wednesdays.

Bike from Lakeport to Blue Lakes!


For More information:
Call (707) 263-3344


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